The first born has been E-T box to resolve personalized domain name. A new one useful of the concept of VPN (Virtual Private Network)

AreaWFI explains that Internet is only one and there aren’t different networks, network is network, like data is data.

The difference exists only about the use of the network. In this way we can speak only about a different qualification for their functionality.

The second one has been the evolution of E-T box model base 1, E-T personal device 1.0, that one we call the mouse of the connectivity.

This is a personal device to have fast, easy and very secure human action for digital result. E-T personal device, like the mouse used for the OS (Operating System) individual activity, permits to have the “remote click” for the personal confirmation of the digital result.

And then we have presented E-T box, model CIPAN (Certified Identiy Processing Access Network). We sell it like the evolution of the gateway-hotspot.